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The Ozone Depletion

Posted in Crítica, Noticias with tags on marzo 3, 2009 by juanriofrio

Hi! I am going to talk about an enviromental repercusion: the ozone depletion

The ozone abounds between 18-30 Km high, and form the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from the ultraviolet light abd the health problems which it causes like cancer.

To underrstand how the ozone layer has a hole, I will tell to you two chemicals reactions:

The first appeard when the ozone reacts with NO, which was made in the volcanic eruptions. The ozone oxidizes the NO to form NO2 and two molecules of O. In addition, sometimes,the NO2 reacts with the molecules of O and makes NO and oxygen, closing the circle.

The second reactions appears when the Cl reacts with ozone, to form ClO and oxygen. And sometimes, the ClO reacts with O and makes Cl and O2 closing the second circle.

If those products always reacts with ozone, the amount of that molecule will disappeard quikly, but the NO2 could reacts with the OH- ad akes HNO3, which falls with the rain in the acid rain, and when the ClO reacts with NO2, it makes ClNO3 and storage the Cl.

The ozone could reacts with O, and makes two molwcules os oxygen.

Understanding that chemistry reactions, you can understand how the ozone hole is formed:

The ozone hole appeards in Antartida because in the most of the year, over the continet appeard an antyciclone which blocks the clowns above it.

To form a clown, the steam os water – the vapor – needs also the “nucleos de condensacion”, I mean, NO2, to form HNO3.

The NO2 in the clowns doesn’t reacts with Cl, which destroy the ozone layer.

That proces appeard before humans, butwe acelerate it with the products which contents Cl or N, like the antique aerosols and the cars.

If we stop to steam, we will be able to live in a better world.